We Are Anarchists: M. P. T. Acharya and Indian Anarchism

This talk explores the life and activities of the Indian anarchist M. P. T. Acharya (1887-1954). After a decade of anticolonial revolutionary activities across India, Europe, and the United States,

and a three-year sojourn in Russia during the revolutionary years, Acharya returned to Berlin in late 1922 and joined the anarcho-syndicalist International Working Men’s Association (IWMA).

Throughout the next three decades, operating out of Berlin and Bombay, Acharya tried to establish an anarchist movement in India, writing extensively about anarchism, anti-capitalism, Bolshevism, Gandhi and pacifism, sexual relations and free love, and the Indian struggle for independence.

Based on extensive archival research, this talk opens a window onto the international anarchist movement in the interwar years, the history of anarchism in India, and how uncovering Acharya’s anarchist philosophy might help decolonise anarchism.

we are anarchists

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