Every day that we wake up there is more stuff in the world. Yet, stuff is not all equal: some stuff increases the power of bosses, patriarchy and the state over us, while other stuff gives us the chance for abolishing scarcity and capitalism itself. Some stuff is both - the smartphone that you're probably reading this on is both an organizing tool and a snitch. The makeup that some of us wear gives us both the capacity to do gender in ways that are fun, subversive and maybe transgressive but it also reinforces gendered power.

Red Mirror is a long-term study project run in Lund and Stockholm which touches on issues of technology in this patriarchal, racist capitalist world we live in, it emphasizes the chance for emancipation as well as attempts to practically trace resistance. In this talk we will introduce these topics, as well as perform a collective self-investigation of how technology affects our lives and our struggles.

Red Mirror

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