We find ourselves stuck between a false dichotomy; on the one hand the desire to destroy society/civilization in its totality and to attack in the hear and now, is occupied, claimed and recuperated by machismo, boys clubs and generalized rejection within the queer/feminist scenes, and on the other the desire to self actualize/articulate trans-feminism/queerness and its necessary demands ends in a constructionist logic which hyper valorizes the very identities in which our experience of oppression(s) is rooted.

In this workshop we hope to cut a path between these two extremes, and advocate for an insurrectional trans-feminist lens; we will begin by introducing what we think of as insurrectional trans-feminism, and then take a look at how this praxis has been articulated historically within Trans-feminist projects/groups (both in and outside of prisons) which adopted this lens, finally opening a space to discuss our different experiences of such practices, where we think they might be useful, and how they can influence our own lives/actions.

Questions to think about before coming:

What is insurrectional praxis? In what ways have different people experiencing oppressions used this praxis and in what ways have they been excluded or self excluded from this trajectory, and why?

Does insurrectional praxis inherently mean ‘smashing and burning’ or are there theoretical, practical, and/or everyday things we can do which directly attack structural domination that can still be considered insurrectional?

How do we perceive identity categories such as woman, queer, trans? Are they something which can exist outside of civilization?

What projects do we know about, or have we been involved in that might been considered both trans-feminist and insurrectional?

How do we develop theory which aims at destroying identity categorization whilst also validating our lived experiences as trans/queer/racialised/women/oppressed people?

Insurrectional Queerness

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