- Crimethinc.

CrimethInc. is an international network of aspiring revolutionaries extending from Kansas to Kuala Lumpur. For over twenty years, we have published news, analysis, books, magazines, posters, videos, a podcast, and a wide range of other resources — all copyright free, produced and distributed by volunteer labor, without reliance on external funding or market trends. We also coordinate speaking tours, debates, and various other public events. Though we rarely seek public recognition for our efforts, everything we do is informed by our participation in social movements.

"Democracy is the most universal political ideal of our day. George Bush invoked it to justify invading Iraq; Obama congratulated the rebels of Tahrir Square for bringing it to Egypt; Occupy Wall Street claimed to have distilled its pure form. From the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the autonomous region of Rojava, practically every government and popular movement calls itself democratic.

And yet it was democracy that brought Donald Trump to power, not to mention Adolf Hitler.

What is democracy, precisely? How can we defend ourselves against democratically-elected tyrants? Is there a difference between government and self-determination? Drawing on the latest book from the CrimethInc. collective, we will explore these questions and more. Join us for a lively discussion!"



- Amalia Álvarez

Amalia Álvarez är författare och serietecknare, hon släppte sin bok Fem papperslösa kvinnors historier år 2013 och hennes serier har publicerats i tidskrifterna Mana, Liberación och Arbetaren.

"Tyvärr har jag inte hittat en vetenskaplig studie som har undersökt hur det verkligen ser ut med representativiteten i den svenska seriebranschen vilket är ett problem i sig.

Av egen erfarenhet, genom ett antal år i branschen, har jag definitivt fått uppfattningen att det verkar vara så att det finns en stor brist på representativitet. Den bilden delas av flera, projektet Tusen serier till exempel. När jag pratar om representativitet, menar jag inte de bilder, av personer som rasi-fieras som icke vita, som de VITA "progressiva" teck-narna ritar. Jag menar ut-trycket i konst-formen serier, för hur vi ser på oss själva, våra kroppar, det som omger oss. Vårt uttryck för socialrealism, satir, osv.

Här behöver den svenska seriescenen berikas. "De andra" erfarenheterna saknas, och det saknar inte bara i serie branchen, utan i majoritet av konst skolan, projekter, stependier, etc.

Alltså, icke vita i serier av VITA, kan inte ersätta serier av icke vita. Inte heller i andra konst escen.

För en majoritet av de icke vita organisationerna är den antirasistiska kampen, en politisk kamp, inte en fråga om moral. Det räcker inte med ursäkter. Vi vill ha ver-klig för-ändring av ras-makt-ordningen."



- Orkanen

Orkanen is a free monthly anarchist newspaper from Copenhagen, now existing since one year.

"Why it exists, the ideas behind it, what topics it covers and how it's made and distributed; challenges and positive sides; considerations after the first year.

After the presentation we can hopefully have a small discussion and share with each other some thoughts and experiences of anarchist publishing projects, newspapers and otherwise. "



- Hanna and Sara Wikmann

Hanna and Sara Wikman are two writers, anarchist and organizers for this workshop, with some years of experience.

Ghost town, shabby, immediate. Are just some of the words you can use on writing with Hanna and Sara Wikman, anarchists, writers and organizers for this workshop. Welcome you who almost never writes anything or you who write all the time! Everyone are welcome, only you feel like expressing yourself by words.

We understand Swedish and English and you can write in which language you want, but tutorials are explained in Swedish or English.

NOTE: Max 12 people



- Enough is Enough, Crimethinc, and Gatorna

Digital platforms have been a space of contestation for social movements. Many voices have been critical to the use of corporate social media, whereas others have promoted a conscious appropriation of commercial digital appliances against state and capitalism.

At the same time, anarchists have always been paradigmatic in building self-organized media (such as the Indymedia network) in hopes of counteracting the commercial influence of corporate media and creating space for mobilizing radical movements across the political spectrum, organizing protest, enabling counter-information, and communicating a cause.

In light also of the latest developments with the Facebook and Cambridge Analytics scandal of digital data surveillance, comrades from three digital counter-information projects (Enough is Enough, Crimethinc, and Gatorna) will present their projects and engage in a panel discussion about the pros and cons of digital media in radical action.



St. Louis, a small city in the heart of the United States, has been a flashpoint of movements against the police including the world-famous Ferguson riots. A longtime anarchist from St. Louis will explore the history of these struggles in St. Louis and why they catalyzed other uprisings around the country

Understanding rioting as a legitimate strategy and an act of collective mourning, we will discuss the legacy of white supremacy, the myth of the “outside agitator,” and the role that anarchists can play in these struggles.



- CNT, IWW and SAC

Mainstream unionism and reformism has for many years contributed to the decline of militant labor struggles and radical unions. In light of the harbor conflict in Gothenburg and the OK18 labor conflict in the public sector of Denmark, as well as a broad attack of neoliberal european states against the right to strike, Malmö’s Anarchist Book Fair organizes a panel discussion on radical unions across the globe from a historical perspective.

Invited speakers will present the history of CNT (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo is a Spanish confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labour unions, which was long affiliated with the International Workers' Association. When working with the latter group it was also known as CNT-AIT. Historically, the CNT has also been affiliated with the Federación Anarquista Ibérica ; thus, it has also been referred to as the CNT-FAI. Throughout its history, it has played a major role in the Spanish labor movement), the IWW (The Industrial Workers of the World, members of which are commonly termed "Wobblies", is an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. The union combines general unionism with industrial unionism, as it is a general union whose members are further organized within the industry of their employment. The philosophy and tactics of the IWW are described as "revolutionary industrial unionism", with ties to both socialist and anarchist labor movements) and the SAC.



- Otter Lieffe

Otter is a working class, femme, trans woman in and out of Brussels and Berlin. She has been involved in grassroots activism for nearly two decades, in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and North America. At various times Otter has found herself involved in queer community organising, land reclamation and language teaching in migrant worker communities.

Conserve and Control is written from the margins. Characters who are non-binary, working class, disabled and trans take central place as we are transported to a queer and green paradise that, like all utopias, is not to be trusted.

As a professional sex worker and working-class activist, Otter Lieffe brings nuance to the ethics of work, kink, sex and activism. In this, her second novel, she explores what it might mean to really create political change and asks who gets left behind in the process. She invites us to step up and take our place in the struggle, and bring our fabulous complexity with us to the front-lines.

This groundbreaking new story can be read alone or as a companion to Margins and Murmurations.

During this event Otter will be reading from the book and signing copies.

Read more about Otter and her books here:



- Cindy Milstein

Cindy Milstein is the author of "Anarchism and Its Aspirations," coauthor "Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism," and editor of the anthologies "Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism" and "Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief" as well as the Lexicon series pamphlets. Long engaged in anarchistic organizing, social movements, and collective spaces, Cindy was death doula for three parents over the past four years. Currently, Cindy organizes with a collective around the general theme of "care not cops" and is on the core collective of the Institute for Advanced Troublemaking, an anarchist summer school in Worcester, MA.

Join Cindy Milstein, editor of "Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief" (AK Press, fall 2017), for reflections on the relation between structural losses, mourning, and resistance. This collection, as Silvia Federici, author of "Caliban and the Witch," puts it, "uncovers the destruction of life that capitalist development leaves in its trail. But it is also witness to the power of grief as a catalyst to collective resistance."

Via first-person and/or frontline stories, the anthology's thirty-seven contributors illuminate, bittersweetly, that we can bear almost anything when it is worked through collectively. Grief is generally thought of as something personal and insular, but when we publicly share loss and pain, we lessen the power of the forces that debilitate us, while at the same time building the humane social practices that reduce suffering and accentuate quality of life for everyone. Addressing tragedies from Fukushima to Palestine, incarceration to eviction, AIDS crises to border crossings, and racism to rape, the intimate yet tenacious writing in this volume shows that mourning can pry open spaces of contestation and reconstruction, empathy, and solidarity.


Infotalk about the "612" fascist demonstration in Finland

- Varis Helsinki

Varis is a Finland-wide network aiming to destroy organised fascism and remove its social breeding ground. We oppose fascism in all its forms politically, ideologically and physically. The network consists of independent and autonomous groups that decide their objectives and operating principles independently. All decision-making between and within the groups takes place on an equal basis.

"Since 2014, on the Finnish Independence Day on 6th of December, a loose coalition of Finnish fascists have organised a "612" torch march in Helsinki, gathering at best over a thousand participants. Appealing to mainstream Finnish nationalism, the demonstration claims to be merely "patriotic" and not political, but through both its key organisers and participants, it can be linked directly to the fascist movement, including the Nordic Resistance Movement. The demonstration has revived a tradition of far-right demonstrations that has not existed in Finland in this scale since the Second World War. Protests against it have also gathered thousands. The talk by Finland-based antifascists will go through the backgrounds and history of the demonstration and the people behind it, as well as the history of opposition to it."



- Comrades from Hamburg

The smoke has warped, everything seems back to normal since thousands took the streets, fought the law, expropriated and destroyed. Only the repression stayed? One year after the G20 revolt in Hamburg we want to look at some hypothesis we can make out of an anarchist perspective on social revolt and its characteristics. From this we also want to talk and discuss about coming and ongoing conflicts and struggles.



- Colletivo Neri Pennuti

Katerina Gogou (1940-1993) was an anarchist poetess from Athens, who was a representative figure of the '80s radical political and cultural scene of Exarcheia. Her poems are a mirror of the marginalised parts of the society of the time, taking the side of drugaddicts, prostitutes, criminals, homosexuals, the homeless and immigrants. Katerina's poetry has always been influential in the radical movement in greece.


Anarchist critique of radical democracy

- Markus Lundström

This book addresses the conflictual nature of radical democracy. By analyzing democratic conflict in Husby, a marginalized Stockholm city district, it exposes democracy’s core division – between governors and governed – as theorized by Jacques Rancière. Tracing the genealogy of that critique, the book interrogates a historical tradition generically adverse to every form of governance, namely anarchism. By outlining the divergent and discontinuous relationship between democracy and anarchy – within the history of anarchist thought – the author adds to democratic theory ‘The Impossible Argument’: a compound anarchist critique of radical democracy.


European struggles for free public transportation!

- PLANKA, greek anarchist network

The issue of free public transportation has intensified during the years of severe neoliberal attacks against european societies. Public transportation constitutes an essential element of the urban environment and a pre-condition for the "well-function" of the capitalist economy and the social life of the european city. Transportation fees is a class measure and an indirect tax against the poor, the unemployed, youngsters and so on. At the same time, the implementation of new high-tech surveillance infrastructures at stations and vehicles, as part of the modernization of the state and its adjustment to neoliberal obsessions, strengthens the society of control.

Despite great sociopolitical, economic and structural differences between the european north and the european south, we can find similar struggles in both regions.

Malmö’s Anarchist Book Fair has invited representatives of Planka (a network of groups that works locally in Sweden for free public transportation) and of a network of Anarchist groups, squats, local assemblies from Athens and Piraeus(Greece) that organizes rallies and propaganda against the “restructuring” of public transportation in the metropolitan area of Athens, to present their struggles and engage in a panel discussion about free public transportation.



- Jonas Lundström

En berättelse om brottsbekämpning, är en anarkistiskt inspirerad kritik av brottsbekämpningen, rättssystemet, och, inte minst, polisen. Aktivisten, författaren och frivilligarbetaren Jonas Lundström presenterar en analys rotad i både aktivistiska erfarenheter och etablerad forskning som lyfter fram brottsbekämpningen inte som en möjlighet, utan som ett problem.

Rättssystemet med dess poliser, domstolar, fängelser och ideologi skyddar en djupt ojämlik och destruktiv samhällsordning med våld, och vägrar se sig självt i spegeln, menar Jonas Lundström.



- Birk Andersson

I started writing haiku poems in 2017 and became quickly obsessed. My book "Anarko Haiku" was released last autumn and the next book will get out next autumn. There is a number of rules in haiku but I don´t follow them and I call my poems anarchist haiku


Autonomt motstånd för djurens frigörelse

- en diskussion

Motstånd mot djurförtryck har i grunden stått i konflikt med auktoritet, kapitalismen och dominans. Dock saknar den nutida och stora djurrättsrörelsen ofta ideologisk riktning och har därför blivit en isolerad, och avpolitiserad kompis med den gröna kapitalismen.

Detta har gjort att olika grupper distanserat sig från djurrättsrörelsen trots en i grunden likadan syn på vikten av solidaritet med andra djurs frigörelse.

Det går inte att förneka att djuren befinner sig längst ned i klasspyramiden, och om vi verkligen vill ha anarki och total frigörelse kan vi inte strunta i det.

Det händer mycket, och fort i detta nyliberala/nyfascistiska samhälle och spelplanen ändras hela tiden, därför bjuds det under bokmässan in till denna diskussion om vart den autonoma rörelsen för djurs frigörelse befinner sig just nu och hur den kan fortsätta framåt.

Tills alla är fria.


Radical mental health, what it is?

Hur begreppet mental hälsa i sig skapar föreställningar som gör det svårt både att göra motstånd och att må bra (om det nu är det vi är intresserade av). Vad kan vi göra för att hjälpa varandra och hur kan vi gemensamt röra oss bort från det biopsykiatriska paradigmet? Och varför är dessa frågor intressanta för en anarkistisk bokmässa? Jo, därför att de rådande strukturerna kring mental hälsa förstör våra liv. Föreläsningen utgår från egna betraktelser och personliga erfarenheter, och kommer kanske att bestå av fler frågor än svar.



- Cindy Milstein

This workshop will look at anarchism as an ethical compass that points simultaneously to an overarching critique of all forms of hierarchy and an expansive social vision of what it could mean to be free people in a free society. It will also explore what it means to aspire toward and practice anarchism as a living, breathing, prefigurative politics, where notions such as self-organization and self-governance, mutual aid and solidarity, autonomy and collectivity, dignity and care, to name a few, become commonsensical second nature as well as the basis for new social relations and social organization.


The future is ours - Panel discussion on LBTQ+struggle, organization and PrideF

- Rosa/Svart (Malmö), Oh Lorde (Göteborg) and Revolutionär Pride (Stockholm)

I år arrangeras Europride i Göteborg, i Malmö sitter högerpolitiker i toppen på Pride-arrangemanget och i Stockholm är det för dyrt för många att ens delta. Vad är ett Europride när Sverige stänger sina gränser och hur mycket pengar tjänar egentligen städer och företag på pink washing? Nazister attackerar Pride och poliser har ett eget block i paraden. Var är då vår plats i allt detta? Den tar vi.

Med repression väcks också motstånd. Kom och lyssna på ett samtal mellan Rosa/Svart Pride Malmö, Revolutionär Pride Stockholm och Oh Lorde från Göteborg. Ett samtal om hur queera nätverk byggs, om hur grupperna arbetar med alternativ och förhållningssätt till Officiella Pride. Men också om varför den queera rörelsen behövs inom vänstern och vad vi förväntar oss av våra allierade inom rörelsen.

Delta i ett samtal om hur vi skapar ett samhälle där vi krossar nationsgränser, där HBTQIA+communityt är öppet för alla oavsett socioekonomisk bakgrund och pappersstatus. Och hur vi fram tills dess skapar trygga rum i det samhälle vi lever.


THE NETWORK: repressions against anarchists and antifascists in Russia and fabricated terrorist cases.

- Russian anarchist

Since October 2017 numerous anti-authoritarian activists in Russia experienced arrests on terrorist charges. Many of them were kidnapped by Russian state security service called FSB and tortured with electricity and other methods. After days of tortures, nearly all of them were forced to plead guilty to being part of so-called „Network” – mythical organization established to carry out terrorist attacks during upcoming president elections and FIFA World Cup, and to overthrow Putin’s regime. FSB never stopped: people are still being tortured and kidnapped on multiple occasions in different cities.

An activist from Russia will talk about unprecedented situation, brutal tortures, possibly the heaviest criminal case against anarchists that were ever faced in nowadays Russia and possible developments. Come to listen, think and discuss the ways to support imprisoned comrades. How do we deal with bitter repressions? How do we strike back? During the event there will be a direct opportunity to financially support ongoing solidarity campaign.


Creative Action (Work organizing)

- Örestad LS

Örestad LS är Malmös enda anarkosyndikalistiska fackförening och välkomnar arbetare med eller utan jobb. I år firas 10 år som fristående fackförening. Örestad LS är vänorganisation till IWA (International Workers' Association), den enda internationella organisationen som arbetar med praktisk solidaritet över landsgränser.

Traditionellt sett har fackliga aktivister lärt sig organisera och bygga solidaritet från veteraner på arbetsplatsen. Det sättet att lära sig på har praktiskt taget suddats ut av en kombination av lagar, mindre arbetsplatser, passiva fackföreningar, ökad mobilitet samt det ständigt ökande hotet från prekära anställningar.

Den här workshoppen är ett smakprov på en heldagskurs som brittiska Solidarity Federation utvecklat, och delat med sig av till Örestad LS, för att ge nybörjare verktygen till att organisera sin arbetsplats, praktiskt taget oavsett hur bra eller dåliga lagarna är (inklusive indragen strejkrätt).

Workshoppen – och i ännu högre grad, heldagskursen – lämpar sig för all form av organisering, men är fokuserad på arbetsplatsorganisering. Workshoppen handlar om hur man bygger självförtroende och solidaritet, vikten av möten samt hur man med fantasi och kreativitet kan utmana chefer utan att riskera för mycket själv.


Strike back - försvara strejkrätten

- Infomöte

I det här infomötet berättar vi om "Strike back - försvara strejkrätten", en massaktion som kommer hållas i Stockholm den 25:e augusti för att försvara strejkrätten. Vi går igenom vad inskränkningarna i strejkrätten kan leda till, hur du kan involvera dig, vad våra mål är och våra planer.

För mer info, se


Infosamtal om Code Rood

After four successful actions in three years, the German climate mass action Ende Gelände now heads for the Netherlands! Code Rood is the summer of 2018s biggest climate action and the target is Europe’s largest fossil gas extractor.

Comrades from AG Hedvig and Ende Gelände Sweden visits us to talk about the action, the mobilization and how to get to Groningen.


Since late 50s the Groningen area has supplied fossil gas for Shell, Exxon and the Dutch state. The amount of gas stored under the Groningen soil is huge and the extraction here is bigger than anywhere else in Europe.

But the extraction comes with a ice. When the bubble of gas decreases due to the extraction, the ground follows. During the last decades the area has been exposed to several earthquakes – every week. Homes have been destroyed and people have been left without home, money and hope for the future. Locals have been protesting for years and tried everything to make the state listening to their problems. Without any success. Now they’ve teamed up with climate activists who share the goal of taking down these climate villains!