Malmö Anarchist Bookfair

June 2018


There is only a few days left for the book fair. We want to say that the Bookfair will take place at Sofielunds Folkets Hus, but we will use other places. On Friday the "opening" will take place at Enskiftet. On Saturday we will use Garaget for some lectures. But the main place is at Sofielunds Folkets Hus where stalls, food and lectures will take place. All places are available for wheelchairs and strollers.

We pray to the people to take CASH with you. Thinking about so many stalls from other countries that do not use SWISH or any other app, also think that with cash is easier to be anonymous!

For security debt and in order to respect all, there is not allowed to take pictures

The schedule is now out! CLICK HERE!

Together we are Malmö Anarchist Book Fair!

May 2018

We need some support!

The bookfair is pretty close, and we need some economical support to pay travels, material and so on. We manage to arrange a crowdfunding to reach 800€ with our pals from If you want to support give some money CLICK HERE

Together we make Malmö Anarchist Bookfair.

April 2018


The work for the bookfair is going forward and we need volunteers that can help out during the bookfair! Help out at the infopoint, translate talks or fix some logistics. Spread the word and if you or somebody you know wants to be part of it you can mail us at:

Together we are Malmö Anarchist Bookfair.

February 2018

Between the 15 and 17 of june, the Anarchist bookfair will take place in Malmö, Sweden.

The first aim is presentation of books and publications inside the anarchist spectrum, also holding talks, discussions and workshops .

We see the need of learning from different experiences, sharing ideas and ongoing struggles. Spreading those theories and practices nourishes our movement locally and globally and makes our community stronger.

This is why we want to invite people from different areas to come here and participate in this event.

If you are interest in doing a talk, hold a discussion or workshop or having your distro at the bookfair, please contact us as soon as possible so we can organize it together.

We are still organizing the bookfair and it is many things that still has to be done, if you have any idea or suggestions you can send us an email.